Weed Seed Sales

We collect and clean seeds of common weed species (both monocot and dicot) for horticultural research, weed technology field and container trials and agrochemical screening. Of the weed seeds available for sale (see list below, ordered alphabetically by scientific name), quantities are finite. A printable list of our weed seed inventory is available here as well.

Currently, all weed seed varieties are SOLD OUT. We apologize for any inconvenience.


  • Acalypha virginica (Three-Seeded Mercury)
  • Alyssum alyssoides (Yellow Alyssum)
  • Amaranthus retroflexus (Redroot Pigweed)
  • Ambrosia trifida (Giant Ragweed)
  • Cardamine pennsylvanica (Pennsylvania Bittercress)
  • Capsella bursa-pastoris (Shepherd’s Purse)
  • Centaurea biebersteinii (Spotted Knapweed)
  • Cerastium brachypodum (Mouse-Ear Chickweed)
  • Epilobium angustifolium (Northern Willowherb)
  • Erodium cicutarium (Redstem Filaree)
  • Euphorbia maculata (Spotted Spurge)
  • Ipomoea hederacea (Ivyleaf Morning Glory)
  • Lactuca serriola (Prickly Lettuce – with pappus)
  • Lepidium densiflorum (Greenflower Pepperweed)
  • Lepidium virginicum (Virginia Pepperweed)
  • Oxalis stricta (Common Woodsorrel)
  • Plantago major (Broadleaf Plantain)
  • Polygonum pennsylvanicum (Pennsylvania Smartweed)
  • Polygonum persicaria (Lady’s Thumb)
  • Portulaca oleracea (Common Purslane)
  • Senecio vulgaris (Common Groundsel)
  • Sonchus arvensis (Perennial Sowthistle – with pappus)
  • Stellaria media (Common Chickweed)
  • Thalspi arevense (Field Pennycress)


  • Andropogon virginicus (Broomsedge)
  • Digitaria sanguinalis (Large Crabgrass)
  • Echinochloa crus-galli (Barnyard Grass)
  • Elytrigia repens (Quackgrass)
  • Kyllinga brevifolia (Green Kyllinga)
  • Panicum dichotomiflorum (Fall Panicum)
  • Poa annua (Annual Bluegrass)
  • Setaria viridis (Green Foxtail)

Seasonal plant sales may be available now. Please check our news section or contact us for more information on species, quantities, and pricing.