In my five professional positions, including my own company, I have obtained over 26 years of work experience in the green industry, written 140 grants, received over $2.9 Mn in grant awards, independently initiated multiple annual research trials, published 21 peer-reviewed journal articles (with another seven in progress), published 234 trade journal articles and another 247 research reports and communiques. My trade articles have been published in 23 trade publications across the US and Canada. As further demonstration of my program impact, work ethic and communication skills, I have delivered over 270 out-of-state and out-of-country invited speaker presentations in 27 states, 6 Canadian provinces and three countries abroad, Denmark, England and Germany. In addition, I have provided 246 in-state presentations.

For the past 18 years, I have distinguished myself in weed control in ornamental crops. I have conducted thousands of herbicide efficacy and phytotoxicity trials, invented five new bio-herbicides with provisional patents, assisted in the registration of seven new herbicides in the US nursery industry.